What Is The Difference Between Sponsor And Enroller In Young Living?

A member may sell, transfer, or assign (collectively “transfer”) the Agreement, including the member’s business organization, by submitting a request to Young Living along with a $50 processing fee.

Do Young Living sponsors get commission?

Customers need to be sponsored and enrolled by a current Young Living distributor. … The sponsoring member will be able to earn unilevel commission based on the reduced PV from purchases made by the Professional Account Customer. This PV will be counted toward the sponsor’s PGV, OGV, rank qualification, and commissions.

What is sponsor ID in Young Living?

Your Young Living Sponsor ID is your Member ID. You can find your Member ID by logging into your Virtual Office, clicking on My Account. You’ll see your Member ID next to where your photo is (if your account is connected to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) or your photo placeholder.

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