Is There A Second Series Of L Agence?

Olivier and Sandrine’s three eldest sons – 31-year-old Martin, 29-year-old Valentin and 25-year-old Louis – all work for the agency and star in the series, while 16-year old Raphael is expected to join them when he finishes school.

Does Martin Kretz go to Lisbon?

5 minutes drive from Lagoa and 15 minutes drive from Ponta Delgada airport with daily flights to Boston, Lisbon and Porto.

What does Kretz mean in German?

The German surname Kretz is derived from the Old German word “Kretscham,” meaning “inn.” The name was most likely first borne by an innkeeper.

Is the Parisian agency real?

The Parisian Agency: Netflix Shows Off France’s Incredible Luxury Real Estate Properties. … Netflix’s new real estate docu-drama, centered around Parisian luxury real estate company Kretz & Partners, lives up to this description.

Who is the lingerie designer in the Parisian agency?

Charina Sarte is married to Valentin Kretz from the Kretz family, who are featured in the new Netlix show The Parisian Agency. However, she is an entrepreneur and businesswoman in her own right. The fashion designer runs her own brand called Charina Sarte, and boasts a whopping 52 thousand followers on Instagram.

Is L’Agence on Netflix real?

The Parisian Agency: Exclusive Properties (original title: L’Agence) is a reality series about the Kretz family, who runs a real estate agency out of their massive Paris-area home, selling luxury properties to high-roller clients.

Who is the family in L Agence?

The Kretz’s are a family of seven: Olivier and Sandrine, their four sons Martin, Valentin, Louis and Raphaël, and the children’s grandmother, Majo.

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